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April 14 2014


Download Rio 2 Full Movie To PC-Mac-iPad-iPhone-PSP-HQ-HD

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In this heart-warming, toe-tapping, eye-popping 3D adventure, Jesse Eisenberg again channels a young Woody Allen to voice neurotic, endangered macaw Blu. And this time he has even more reasons to get in a flap.His free-spirited wild macaw wife Jewel (Anne Hathaway) is getting itchy talons performing 3D-friendly musical numbers in Brazil’s party capital.So when she learns of a flock of their kinfolk in the rainforest she drags her hubby and their three kids on the same gruelling cross-country trip that awaits the England football team.

Rio 2 Movie Download

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PPIORhIc4ng/TgLLNCmmzsI/AAAAAAAAAi4/QboV5P87Mdw/s1600/download+movies.gif http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bhlqyf7LTRY/TgLLSyYfXuI/AAAAAAAAAi8/ucoI7HmK0Vo/s1600/watch+movies.gif

Leaving behind Tracy Morgan’s slobbery bulldog Luis (but bringing Jamie Foxx and will.i.am’s canary and cardinal bird comedy double act) the pair finally discover the flock. To Jewel’s delight, it’s led by her long-lost dad Eduardo (Andy Garcia). But it’s not such a happy occasion for poor Blu. His hopeless attempts to impress the tough old bird take the film into the same comedy territory as Meet The Parents. And that’s just the beginning of Blu’s troubles.Loggers, inevitably, are afoot – as is evil cockatoo Nigel (Jemaine Clement), who survived the first film with another reason to wreak revenge.There's laughs, some gorgeous 3D animation and a raft of loveable new characters. But as virtually every major plot point is expressed through the medium of song a lot hangs on music producer Sergio Mendes and songwriter Carlinhos Brown.

Thankfully, the pair proves they can squawk the squawk with some very catchy show tunes. Hathaway gets to relive her Les Mis glory with a ballad called Don’t Go Away, while Clement delivers a gloriously demented hip hop version of I Will Survive.But the scene stealer is Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, voicing an adorably twisted frog called Gabi who is besotted with the evil cockatoo. Her venomous skin means she has no chance of breaching the cross-species divide – a problem that finds perfect musical expression in Poisonous Love, Gabi’s touching and hilarious solo number.Carlos Saldanha is all heart. From the ‘Ice Age’ series, which the Brazilian co-directed, through to his new ‘Rio’ franchise, every movie he makes is stuffed with warmth, charm and simple but effective lessons about family, responsibility and friendship.

Sure, they can tip over into sentimentality – there’s a lullaby scene in ‘Rio 2’ that’ll have cynics reaching for sick bags – but there’s no denying the integrity.‘Rio 2’ finds our avian hero Blue (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) living happily with his wife and chicks in Brazil. But when an entire flock of their rare species, the Spix’s Macaw, is discovered deep in the Amazon,(Download Rio 2) Blue and his brood swoop off to investigate. There are problems here: the middle hour runs perilously close to the story of ‘Meet the Parents’, and a subplot involving a talent show feels a little calculating. But the characterisation is feisty and memorable, the song-and-dance sequences intricate and colourful, and it’ll charm the socks off little people.The brief appearance of the acorn-loving Scrat character over the Blue Sky logo at the start of Rio 2 is a reminder that this animation studio has now authored four films in the Ice Age franchise to date.

These films had a strong, evolving plotline, but this sequel to 2010’s Rio needs considerable contrivance to bring all the characters back together; the setting isn’t even Rio this time, but the Amazon.(Download Rio 2) Macaw Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) is re-introduced settling into his domestic life with fellow macaw Jewel (Anne Hathaway) and their three little bird offspring. No longer under the impression that they’re the sole survivors of their race, the macaws travel to the Amazon to discover Jewel’s family, led by their august patriarch Eduardo (Andy Garcia). Meanwhile old adversary Nigel (Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement), a bitter thespian cockatoo, is keen to get revenge on Blu, dragging along his sidekick, Gabi (Kristin Chenoweth), a frog whose poisonous venom Nigel hopes to use on Blu.

Rio 2 Movie Watch Online

Rio 2 takes in a few odd diversions, from Nigel’s spirited performance of Gloria Gaynor’s disco anthem 'I Will Survive' to a football match clearly intended to whet appetites for the action of the 2014 World Cup.(Watch Rio 2 Online Full Version) But family issues are at the heart of Carlos Saldanha’s film, with Blu’s big city neurosis bringing him into mildly amusing conflict with his father-in-law’s notions about jungle life.Eisenberg’s nasal, anxious voice is ideally suited to Blu’s skittishness, but it’s the supporting cast, from Jamie Foxx to will.i.am, who try too hard to force the laughs, with such racial stereotyping sitting uneasily alongside environmental concerns. Like the Ice Age films, Rio 2 is an amiable enough cartoon, as forgettable as its predecessor but certainly colourful and incident packed enough to be marked as passable family entertainment.

Download Rio 2 movie , Rio 2 Download , Rio 2 Movie Download ,Download Rio 2

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